Besides love & hugs, our dog & cat baths include these spa services.

Spa Hydro Therapy - massaging bath with hypoallergenic or special shampoo depending on your treatment needs, breed, and hair coats.

Brush Out and Blow Out - using a special dryer that removes excess fur from your pet's undercoat.

Nail Trim - with clippers, a dremel grinder or dremel/bevel grinding and rounding (especially good for clients with tender skin).

Ear Clean - flushed with special cleaner and drying agent.

Anal Gland Expression - evaluated and drained by the groomer. Anal glands are internally located on each side of the pet's anus which lubricates their bowel movement and is used to leave their scent to mark their territory.

Specialty Baths

Exfoliating Bath: Deep cleansing shampoo to help remove dead skin and moisturize the fresh new skin underneath. This bath includes a hydro-surge pulsating rinse to relax the skin and soothe your four-legged friends into a state of bliss.

Moisturizing Bath: A pulsating hydro surge bath with a fragrant shampoo enriched with fatty acids that are excellent in adding extra moisture to the skin. This will make the skin have better elasticity and leave the hair soft to the touch.

Aromatherapy Bath: While your pet enjoys a warm water pulsating hydrotherapy bath they can relax even more with the smells of lavender, chamomile, or wildflowers as if they were in a meadow.

Hydrotherapy Body Massage: This is a 10-minute pulsating warm water bath massage with our hydro surge. The pulsating water will feel like a dozen hands lightly massaging the skin as the warm water soothes and relaxes the muscles. This is an excellent choice for older pets with arthritis or if you just want to pamper your furry friend with a relaxing bath massage.

Puppy Facial: This is especially helpful for our Pugs, Peke’s, Frenchie’s, and English Bulldog friends who have folds near their eyes and nose that are difficult to clean. The groomer can use special tools and cleaners to freshen up these areas and remove dead skin or debris that builds up over time. Leave the spa feeling refreshed and clean.

Paw di Cure: Nail Trim and a variety of nail polish colors

Furminator Shampoo & Conditioner Deluxe Deshedding Package:

  • We apply the rich-lather shampoo for 5-7 minutes which helps the bulk of the shedding hair to be rinsed away.
  • Ultra-moisturizing conditioner is massaged in, and as it sets, natural oils & proteins loosen the shedding coat, leaving the remaining coat exceptionally shiny & invigorated.
  • Their coat is blown out & the remaining hair is brushed - using appropriate brushes and combs our groomers have selected for the individual dog to give them the finished look & feel of softness and minimize shedding.
  • This treatment will continue its effectiveness after the dog's bath - reducing shedding in most cases for 2 weeks or more.

Dog & Cat Grooming

Price based on pet size and your grooming style requests.

Additional & Specialized Services:

  • Face, Feet & Tail (touch up between full groom)
  • Furminator Shampoo & Conditioner Deluxe Deshedding Package
  • Sanitary Trim with Tummy Tunnel
  • Dematting
  • Medicated shampoo for sensitive skin
  • Weekly (Utility) Bath - This bath is great for a pet with chronic skin issues, especially when used with medicated shampoo. The price is discounted for your convenience to keep them on a weekly schedule when recommended by a veterinarian
  • Nail Trim Pedicure
  • Tooth Brushing
  • Anal Gland Expression Only
  • Ear Cleaning/ Ear Hair Removal
  • Specialized De-Skunk Bath

Please visit our Boarding Requirements to see our vaccination & other requirements, as they apply to all of our visitors, boarding or spa.

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